Dual Majors

Conduct research in two domains

We provide broad neuroscience training across the spectrum of the field, focusing on fundamentals and advanced research training with deep interactions between students and faculty from multiple disciplines. Because the Ph.D. in Neuroscience pairs well with other disciplines, the majority of degree candidates pursue a double major for the degree. Conducting research in two domains can give you an advantage when seeking professional advancement.

Neuroscience pairs well with psychology, cognitive science, biology, medical sciences, vision science, and others. Your requirements can be coordinated for the two programs. In the end, you write one dissertation, and are evaluated in both domains.

When applying to Neuroscience as a dual recruit, you must be vetted by both of the programs you select and be admitted to both. You receive financial support from both programs, too. Please note that though the Program in Neuroscience no longer requires scores on the General Record Examination (GRE), some majors still require the GREs.  In that case, you must submit the GRE.

At the end, you would have a Ph.D. in two disciplines, but the Ph.D. programs are highly aligned, making it feasible to obtain training in both disciplines. It is a unique feature of interdisciplinary training at Indiana University. Our goal is to help you develop into tomorrow's leaders in the field of neuroscience.

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