Neuroscience Colloquium Series

We partner with IU departments and programs to co-sponsor an interdisciplinary colloquium series. These events highlight the vast amount of new research in the field of neuroscience, providing additional training to graduate students in the use and development of measurement techniques and instrumentation. Undergraduates seeking information and involvement with research projects are also welcome to attend.

Our co-sponsors include the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB); the Linda and Jack Gill Center for Biomolecular Science; the Department of Kinesiology; the School of Public Health; IU’s Cognitive Science Program; the Kinsey Institute, the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences; the Clinical Science Program; the Department of Biology, and the Vision Sciences Program in IU’s School of Optometry.

2019-20 Neuroscience Colloquium Series

Fall 2019

Mondays 4:00-5:00 p.m., PY room 101

Sept. 16 - Shannon Gourley, Ph.D., Emory University, School of Medicine, “Glucocorticoid-sensitive connections coordinate action and habits.”

Oct. 7 – Lucina Uddin, Ph.D., University of Miami, “Brain Dynamics and flexible behaviors.”

Nov. 11 – Karla Kaun, Ph.D., Brown University, Department of Neuroscience, “How Alcohol Influences Memory Circuits to Induce Cravings.”

Dec. 9 – Roy Sillitoe, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine (Co-sponsored with the Gill Center)

Spring 2020

Mondays 4:00-5:00 p.m., PY room 101

Feb. 24 – James Haxby, Ph.D., Dartmouth College Medicine (Co-sponsored with the Cognitive Science Program)

Mar. 30 – Andreas Tollas, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine (Co-sponsored with the Gill Center)

May 4 - Zachary Knight, Ph.D., University of California at San Francisco (Co-sponsored with the Gill Center)

2018-19 Neuroscience Colloquium Series

Fall 2018

Sept. 24 - Nathan Rose, Ph.D.,University of Notre Dame (Co-sponsored with the Cognitive Science Program)

Oct. 1 - Lemke, Greg, Ph.D., Salk Institute (Co-sponsored with the Gill Center)

Nov. 12 - John Leddy, M.D., University of Buffalo (Co-sponsored with the Department of Kinesiology, SPH)

Dec. 3 - Michael C. Crair, Ph.D, Yale School of Medicine (Co-sponsored with the Vision Science Program, Optometry)

Spring 2019

Jan. 24 - Kenneth Norman, Ph.D, Princeton University (Co-sponsored with the Cognitive Science Program)

Feb. 4 - Lauren Riters, Ph.D, University of Wisconsin (Co-sponsored with the Center for Integrative Study of Animal Behavior)

Mar. 18 - Kevin Jarbo, Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University (Co-sponsored with Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Mar. 25 - Mary Heinricher, Ph.D., Oregon Health and Science University (Co-sponsored with the Gill Center)

April 1 - Catherine Cahill, Ph.D., UCLA (Co-sponsored with the Gill Center)

April 22 - Moses V. Chao, Ph.D., New York University, Langone Health (Co-sponsored with the Gill Center)

2017-18 Neuroscience Colloquium Series

Spring 2018

Jan. 8 -  Alison L. Barth,Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA (Sponsors: PNS & Gill Center)

Jan. 22 -  Christopher Lapish, IUPUI School of Science

Feb. 12 -  Chiara Cirrelli, University of Wisconsin–Madison (Sponsors: PNS & Gill Center)

Mar. 5 -  Karen L. Bales, University of California-Davis (Sponsors: PNS & Kinsey Institute)

Mar. 19 -  Benjamin Y. Hayden, University of Rochester (Sponsors: PNS & Kinsey Institute)

April 2 - Martin Lindquist, Johns Hopkins University (Sponsors: PNS & Department of Statistics)

April 9 -  Damian A. Fair, Oregon Health Sciences University (Sponsors: PNS & Cognitive Science Program)

April 16 -  William T. Newsome, Stanford University (Sponsors: PNS & Cognitive Science)

April 23 -  Yasmin Hurd, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Sponsors: PNS & Gill Center)

Fall 2017

Oct. 2 -  Nancy Kanwisher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sponsors: PNS & Cognitive Science Program)

Oct. 23 - David J. Ostry, McGill University (Sponsors: PNS & Department of Kinesiology, School of Public Health)

Oct. 30 - Benjamin Deneen, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX (Sponsors: PNS & Gill Center)

Nov. 13 - Benjamin Risk, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University (Sponsors: PNS & Department of Statistics)

Dec. 4 - Aina Puce, Jonathon Crystal, Christopher Lapish, Ehren Newman, Indiana University (Sponsors: PNS & Cognitive Science Program)